Watching over them

I sat down this morning to write something about Ukraine and the current situation but where do you start.

We wake up every morning and reach for the news to see what has happened overnight. Has

Kyiv fallen, is Zelenskyy still in power, has Russia advanced? But we are faced with more pictures of children sheltering from bombs, nuclear threat ever closer and the world on the brink.
I remember during the Gulf War, TV reporters speaking through gas masks to bring their reports to the world. Once again we see them on rooftops wearing flak jackets bringing the latest news to our screens. Their bravery is incredible and their commitment to bringing the news out cannot be faulted.

I was in London earlier this week and the hotel TV had Russia Today. I watched, absolutely fascinated, at the reporting and documentary that they were broadcasting. Stories of Britain colluding with Hitler towards the end of WWII to keep Russia out of any peace deals. Ukrainian citizens welcoming the tanks, and then watching the same video on twitter with a different soundtrack and wider view of people standing in front of the tanks and telling them to go home. The level of disinformation was quite incredible to watch.
No war has ever been as reported on as this one. Listening to Ukraine cast on the BBC in the evening they return to ordinary citizens in cities in Ukraine giving daily updates of what is happening. Twitter and facebook are full of first hand accounts from residents. This war feels different, but maybe that is only because of the level of first hand accounts that we are getting through social media.
My youngest son is just like me. He is fascinated by current affairs and will sit with me every evening watching the news

and discussing it. He is a member of his Model UN club at school and yesterday they had an emergency debate on Ukraine, he was Ukraine. I asked

him how he got on – “really well mum, Russia has withdrawn and given Crimea back”. Oh if only it could be that simple. If only our world leaders had the sense of 13 year olds in a school classroom. There is simplicity in youth that we often dismiss as naivety.

Today on facebook I saw pictures of children sleeping in a basement in Ukraine. All the children were sleeping and all the adults were awake watching over them. I was so struck by the trust that the children had in the adults to keep them safe, they were being watched over, cared for and someone else was in control.

So what can we do in the midst of this crisis but trust that someone is watching over us, someone is in control and put our faith in one much higher than us. The people of Ukraine are strong and faithful people. Let us Pray for their safety and that God will watch over them.