Programme for Government

Last week was a big week in the Scottish Parliament.  Humza Yousaf delivered his first Programme for Government which sets out the proposed Bills and policies for the coming year for the SNP/Green coalition Government.  We asked some of friends to tell us whet
her they think it will deliver for Scotland.

We do do God

Twenty years ago this week that Alastair Campbell famously said “We don’t do God”.  On 5th May 2003 Tony Blair was giving an interview to Vanity Fair when his head of communications interrupted the interview with what was probably a throw away quip but it has gone down in history as a mantra to live by for many politicians.
Twenty years on, do politicians still not do God or have times changed?

Grief is the price we pay for love

So, echoing down through the ages, from the death and resurrection of Christ to the five stages model proposed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in the 1960s, right up 9/11 attacks in the early 2000s and upon the recent death of our most beloved Queen Elizabeth II, the enduring message is thus:

“Grief is the price we pay for love”

Rest in Peace and Rise in Glory

Her life was one of duty and service, but never a burden, never did she feel that her calling was a burden or heavy. She felt God’s calling on her life and to her it was a joy. How much then can we learn from this life of service, this life of duty.

Should Christians go on strike or cross a picket line?

It looks like we are about to embark on a turbulent time for public sector workers.  Strikes on our railways over the last few weeks and months, post office workers, waste operators all striking and more ballots happening every week.

Every church and every congregation in Scotland is likely to have someone who is facing the decision on whether to withdraw their labour or cross a picket line and continue to work.