Labour In Tray – “What’s Next?”

We need to earn the right to speak with a massive swathe of new MPs.  In my 30 years of lobbying politicians one thing I have learnt is that they will listen to you more if you have proven to be a solid friend.  Not someone who is only in touch when you want to complain about something, but someone who will write and say – well done, thank you.

Political Roundup – Hold my coat

But, when someone exits the political stage, something really interesting happens, everyone develops a grace and compassion that is rarely seen in politics.  People start being nice to each other and leaving the stage with a graciousness that has been previously unseen.  Gone are the jibes across the Parliamentary chamber, and now everyone is saying that they were best buds really and how much respect they actually hold for each other.

A Biblical Perspective on Asylum and Immigration

This report is not about politics, it is about policies.  It does not favour one political stance over another or agree with one party or another, but instead asks those in power to think about where do we begin from?  What is the lens through which you are seeing this issue?  What should the founding principles of any asylum policy be?

Programme for Government

Last week was a big week in the Scottish Parliament.  Humza Yousaf delivered his first Programme for Government which sets out the proposed Bills and policies for the coming year for the SNP/Green coalition Government.  We asked some of friends to tell us whet
her they think it will deliver for Scotland.

We do do God

Twenty years ago this week that Alastair Campbell famously said “We don’t do God”.  On 5th May 2003 Tony Blair was giving an interview to Vanity Fair when his head of communications interrupted the interview with what was probably a throw away quip but it has gone down in history as a mantra to live by for many politicians.
Twenty years on, do politicians still not do God or have times changed?