Leadership Qualities – What do we want from our politicians

Politicians are a funny breed (I should know as I was one and know lots).  You have to be a certain kind of person to put yourself willingly through selection and an election campaign.  Having your face on tens of thousands of leaflets, walk miles and miles delivering them, put yourself through local husting meetings, put yourself out there on social media, make speeches to rooms of people who disagree with you, only to lose very publicly, humiliatingly, and with crowds of people cheering your defeat – I’m not selling this am I…?

The Breakfast that Brought Down a Government

Over croissants and bacon rolls participants heard a sermon referencing Psalm 23, led by Rev Isaac who is the founder and CEO of Ascension Trust and also a pioneer of Street Pastors. Many politicians were there including all the main players in what is now a leadership race, one of them has said that it was this sermon that moved him to resign and effectively put the final nail in the coffin of Boris Johnson’s Prime Ministership.